SKYACTIV Technology

What is SKYACTIV Technology?

Power without Compromise

The first method Mazda used in their SKYACTIV program is building small displacement, high compression engines. This allows for superior economy and lower emissions while maintaining excellent low to mid-range torque for seamless passing and on-demand power.

All of Mazda’s SKYACTIV engines are also thoroughly designed to reduce friction as much possible. Friction robs an engine of its efficiency, reducing its economy and power, while increasing its emissions. Reducing an engine’s friction also has the added effect of making the engine smoother and free-revving, making it more enjoyable to wring out.

Precision Control

Power is nothing without control, which is why Mazda’s SKYACTIV program also focuses on building exemplary transmissions. A Mazda transmission is designed to be light yet strong, with smooth yet fast shift. This plan helps reduce drivetrain losses – maximizing fuel economy. A SKYACTIV transmission is also built for precise control, either as an automatic or a manual, to increase your driving enjoyment as it responds crisply to your inputs.

Lightweight Strength

The final key to Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology is their strong yet featherweight chassis. A vehicle’s chassis is its backbone, so it needs to be strong. However, a chassis is also heavy, and weight saps a vehicle’s performance and fuel economy. So that’s why Mazda’s engineers combined steel and aluminum to craft a chassis that’s both light and strong.

The result is a series of chassis’ that weight hundreds of pounds less than a conventional steel chassis, and yet remain remarkably rigid. As a Mazda driver, you can expect crisp handling a low speeds, high speed stability, and the security of knowing that Mazda cars, trucks, and SUVs have amongst the highest crash test ratings in the auto industry.

Want to Know More?

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